Some VA Internship Programs in Danger of losing APA accreditation…

...because they haven't paid APA

Many VA Internship Programs are in Danger of losing APA accreditation because they haven’t paid APA. Here is some more background in this 3/27/2015 Department of Veterans Affairs Memorandum.

This appears to continue to be a problem based on this email from Dr. Kenneth Jones from January 19, 2016:
Subject: American Psychological Association-Council on Accreditation – 39 VA sites in Delinquency Status
Importance: High


Dear Mental Health VISN Leaders (Designated Education Officers and Psychology Directors of Training and Chiefs are copied, also):


As you know, OAA will only fund psychology internships and residencies/fellowships that hold accreditation with the American Psychological Association-Council on Accreditation (APA) (note that new programs have three years to achieve accreditation).  As a courtesy, APA has alerted OAA that 39 facilities are delinquent in either there annual reaccreditation fees or their charges for their reaccreditation site visit (two sites).  Bills were sent on June 1, 2015 (for the annual accreditation) and these charges were considered to be seriously delinquent on December 31st.  If APA follows their written rules, they would revoke the accreditation of the programs who are delinquent. Since there are so many psychology internships and fellowships which are in jeopardy, we are alerting you to the list of programs in a delinquent status. We ask that you work to fulfill this payment as quickly as possible.


Here are the sites in delinquency:

Name Director of Training Last Name Amount Due Date
Accreditation Site Visit Fees      
Charles George VA Medical Center (NC) – Internship Bringle $3,400.00 09/29/2015
VA Advanced Fellowship Prog MITR (MI) – Postdoctoral Residency Bowersox $3,400.00 09/29/2015
Accreditation Annual Fees
VA Boston Healthcare System (MA) – Clinical Neuropsychology PD Silberbogen $2,550.00 10/30/2015
VA Boston Hlthcare System (VABHCS) (MA) – Postdoctoral Residency Silberbogen $2,550.00 10/30/2015
Atlanta VA Medical Center (GA) – Postdoctoral Residency Michels $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Atlanta VA Medical Center (GA) – Internship Michels $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Central Texas Veterans (TX) – Internship Andrews $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Charles George VA Medical Center (NC) – Internship Bringle $2,250.00 12/31/2015
G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery (MS) – Postdoctoral Residency Burke $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Gulf Coast Veterans (MS) – Internship Fussell $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Harry S. Truman (MO) – Postdoctoral Residency Brownlee-Duffeck $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Iowa City VA Medical Center (IA) – Internship Stormoen $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Lexington VA Medical Center (KY) – Internship Phillips $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Michael E. DeBakey (TX) – Postdoctoral Residency Teng $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Michael E. DeBakey (TX) – Clinical Neuropsychology PD Collins $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Minneapolis VA Healthcare System (MN) – Postdoctoral Residency Siegel $2,250.00 12/31/2015
South Texas Veterans (TX) – Internship Ruha $2,250.00 12/31/2015
South Texas Veterans Hlth Care Sys. (TX) – Postdoctoral Residency McCoy $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Southern Arizona VA (AZ) – Postdoctoral Residency Cole $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center (AL) – Internship Austin $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA Long Beach Healthcare System (CA) – Internship Sholty $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA Long Beach,(CA) – Postdoctoral Residency Horin $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA Maine Healthcare System (ME) – Internship Sholtz $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA Maine Healthcare System (ME) – Postdoctoral Residency Sholtz $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA New York Harbor Health Care (NY) – Internship Pfaff $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA New York Harbor Health Care (NY) – Internship Hostetter $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA North Texas (TX) – Postdoctoral Residency J. Jackson $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA North Texas Health Care System (TX) – Internship J. Jackson $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA Sepulveda Ambulatory (CA) – Internship Kulick $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA Sierra Nevada Hlthcare System (NV) – Internship V. Williams $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend (TX) – Internshio Jensen $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Valley Mental Health (UT) – Internship McGill $2,250.00 12/31/2015
VAMC – Dayton (OH) – Postdoctoral Residency Bischoff $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Vanderbilt University/VA (TN) – Internship Jimenez $2,250.00 12/31/2015
MIRECC Veteran Integrated Services (CO) – Postdoctoral Residency Olson-Madden $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Washington Veterans Affairs Medical Center (DC) – Internship Zapata $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Durham (NC) – Postdoctoral Residency Shaw $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Northport (NY) – Internship Eschen $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Veterans Affairs New Jersey, East Orange (NJ) – Internship Mosley $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Veterans Affairs Palo Alto, MIRECC (CA) – Postdoctoral Residency Fairchild $2,250.00 12/31/2015
Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Washington (DC) – Postdoctoral Residency Zapata $2,250.00 12/31/2015


As many of these fees are under the 3,000 credit card payment limit (which triggers the need for a contract), it is a bit confusing why these payments have not be executed.


We in OAA are well aware of the difficulties in processing these payments, especially the larger site-visit payment.  We are in the process of forming a national contract, which we hope will centralize and streamline payment of these fees.  Until we have that contract in place, however, each facility will need to continuing paying these bills independently.


I have also attached a memo from last year stating 10N’s perspective that these payments need to be executed.


Kenneth R. Jones, Ph.D.

Director, Associated Health Education

Office of Academic Affiliations (10A2D)

Dept. of Veterans Affairs

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