American Psychological Association to end use of APA Style by 2020

Responding to the demands of the healthcare marketplace

Washington, DC (April 1, 2016): The American Psychological Association (APA) recently announced that it plans to end the use of APA Style by the year 2020. APA Style is a set of editorial rules for scientific writing that was used by many social sciences, including psychology, until this announcement. The APA announced that it will also no longer be publishing the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition which presents the rules for APA Style. It is currently the “#1 Best Seller in Medical Research” according to Amazon.

As a replacement for APA Style, the American Psychological Association will be endorsing the use of AMA Style, the style guide of the American Medical Association. “We must act more like physicians if we want to be taken seriously in the evolving healthcare marketplace” an APA spokesperson stated when reached for comment. “Therefore, the standard in our field will become using AMA Style for our writing.” In addition to requiring accredited internships, the spokesperson added under condition of anonymity that by 2030 all psychologists will be expected to be board certified like physicians too. She stated “sure they call us doctors now, but we want them to really mean it.”

As part of APA’s transition from APA Style to AMA Style, APA also plans to sell the two buildings it owns in Washington, DC and move in to the basement of the American Medical Association. In this way, psychology can be “co-located” with physicians. An APA spokesperson stated “leasing space from the AMA and living in their basement is a better long-term strategy for psychology.” When asked how she thought psychologists would react to this, the APA spokesperson stated “what’s good for psychology isn’t necessarily what’s good for psychologists; we’re not here for psychologists.” The APA spokesperson added “psychology is getting out of the psychologist business while the getting is good; those guys are toast. It is in psychology’s best interest to cut them loose.”

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