Psychologists & Physicians: the Referral Source of the Month for June, 2016

Keystone Peer Review Organization (KEPRO)

Happy Memorial Day.

This weekend last month’s veteran-related referral sources are still very applicable. Check out last month’s referral sources by reviewing this post.

The referral source for this month is relevant as well. They do a lot of things but included in their utilization review and malpractice/ standard of care review work is Tricare and military treatment facilities. Psychologists and physicians review the records of other professionals and offer an opinion on whether that professional’s care met the standard of care. For example, as psychologists we might review the work of a psychologist in a military treatment facility who had a Service member patient commit suicide and determine whether that professional had met the standard of care. Are you interested in learning more? Check out KEPRO, the referral source of the month for June, 2016.

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Thanks again, and while it isn’t officially Summer… happy unofficial Summer 🙂