The Referral Source of the Month for July

An Alternative to Practice Model ;)

So in case you weren’t aware… I’m writing a book. The book I’m working on right now I affectionately refer to as “Reviews & IME’s 2017” but the full title will be Supplementing Your Income with Medical Records File Reviews and IME’s 2017: A Guide for Psychologists and Physicians.

It is your little black book for success in reviews and IME’s; the book includes a huge directory of over 360 referral sources. These are employers for non-clinical careers and also referral source companies who schedule independent medical examinations and medical records reviews. The book is updated annually so that the directory stays fresh and current. The book offers an introduction to the many different opportunities in file review and independent medical examinations and provides detailed profiles and contact information for over 360 different organizations you can work with.

These are great opportunities for psychologists and physicians to make extra money.

The Referral Source of the Month for July

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The referral source for this month is actually two different companies that are interrelated.

They are Nexus Medical, a utilization review agent (URA), and ProPeer Resources, an independent review organization (IRO).

Nexus Medical reports having a large variety of file review areas but that much of their work is related to utilization review in workers comp. Much of what they do requires a fast, one-day turnaround (pre-authorization), however they have nurses who prepare the files for review and the reviews are reportedly typically not time-consuming. Most of the opportunities with them require a professional who is in active practice for at least 20 hours per week. They also ask you to sign an exclusivity agreement meaning they don’t want you to work with any of the companies that they work with except through them.

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