365+ Referral Sources in your pocket

Supplementing Your Income with Medical Records File Reviews and IME's: A Guide for Psychologists and Physicians 2017

I’m happy to announce the publication of my new book: Supplementing Your Income with Medical Records File Reviews and IME’s: A Guide for Psychologists and Physicians 2017

Okay, so I just ripped off Steve Jobs and titled this blog post “365+ Referral Sources in your pocket,” but why not? The book is first and foremost a directory of opportunities.

This book pays for itself…

Physicians and Psychologists: This is your little black book for success in reviews and independent medical examinations (IME’s).

The book is a huge directory of over 365 potential referral sources (more than there are days in the year). The directory includes:
Employers for non-clinical careers
Referral sources who will schedule independent medical evaluations (IME’s) with you
Referral sources who will schedule various types of medical records reviews with you
These include work from home opportunities
The book is updated annually so that the directory stays fresh and current. If you send Dr. Finnerty a referral source that isn’t on the list and he uses it for next year, he will send you next year’s expanded list for free.

You can work from home or your office and make extra income on the side or even a full time income with the companies in this book. While this book is geared toward physicians and psychologists, the directory can also be useful for nurses, counselors and others interested in chart reviews and related work.

Do you want more independence with great ways to supplement your income? Do you want opportunities to work from home? The directory in this book is loaded with perfect opportunities for you with specific information for each company. The peer review and IME opportunities include medical consulting on cases related to private disability insurance claims, Social Security disability claims, Veterans’ and other disability programs, workers’ compensation, personal injury claims, malpractice, quality assurance, standard of care reviews, health care utilization review, medical necessity and pre-authorization to only name some. The book offers an introduction to getting referrals for the many different opportunities in file review and independent medical examinations. It provides profiles and contact information for hundreds of organizations you can work with. This is one of those rare books which will more than pay for itself. Save yourself months of research trying to find these opportunities. This book is first and foremost an opportunity directory. Open up Reviews & IME’s 2017, your little black book, and start getting referrals for medical records reviews and/or independent medical examinations now.

What does Reviews & IME’s do?

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Reviews & IME’s publishes this directory of hundreds of companies so you can find lots of opportunities.