Who is the Turkey today for this post?

Happy Thanksgiving

The Turkey for today’s blog post is… just kidding. I am taking a break from my usual fare of posting about psychology in a manner which some may perceive as a tad negativish 😉 and I will simply say Happy Thanksgiving. I’m not going to trash anything that Pilgrims or Native Americans did nor even mention APA (crap I just did). I will even be silly and say I’m a bit Thankful that I just noticed that apparently the internet is full of Turkey costumes for dogs.

If you want a positive message typically I’d say check out this really nice guy Dr. Ryan Niemiec’s blog… but he just wrote a post called “Don’t Be Grateful on Thanksgiving,” yikes. Who hurt him? Just kidding, but his blog and the post are worth reading today.

Here is another fun tip. While Christmas songs might already be playing and there aren’t really Thanksgiving songs, you can still enjoy something with a Thanksgiving theme (football?). At least you don’t have to watch a Christmas special. It is well known that there is a Charlie Brown (Snoopy!) for Halloween and a Charlie Brown (Snoopy!) for Christmas, but a fun fact is that there is also a Thanksgiving Charlie Brown (Snoopy!); check out: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Thanks again, and have a great Thanksgiving.


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