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Consulting on Social Security Disability Claims for Psychologists and Psychiatrists

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The free kindle copy you have a chance to win is for this book:

Consulting on Social Security Disability Claims for Psychologists and Psychiatrists: introducing the new mental listings and how me make disability determinations

Would you like to learn how psychologists and psychiatrists can help make decisions on Social Security disability claims? This text introduces psychologists, psychiatrists and others who are interested to how we make Social Security disability decisions. This book also tells psychologists and psychiatrists exactly who to contact in all 50 states to start getting referrals to perform psychological evaluations for Social Security disability as well as how to perform medical records review consultations for Social Security disability. In addition, this book reprints the exact criteria used by psychologists and psychiatrists to make Social Security disability decisions. It reprints both the old and new Social Security disability mental listings as well as other relevant policies which guide how we make decisions. It also includes commentary on the new mental listings for use beginning in January, 2017. Dr. Finnerty presents guidelines related to what is expected from a consultative examination (CE) for Social Security, including what is important to include in a Social Security disability evaluation. This book also includes a description of the mental abilities Social Security sees as required for any job. If you want to know how a Social Security disability determination is made this book is for you. This book also includes a special section with guidance on determining whether substance use is a material factor to a disability decision. 

Dr. Todd Finnerty has been a psychological consultant for a Social Security Disability Determination Service (DDS) since 2004. In this role he has provided training to adjudicators on evaluating functioning, reviewing claims involving substance use, changes with the DSM-5 and using the childhood disability listings. He includes insights from the trainings he developed in this book. In addition, Dr. Finnerty has made public comments on SSA’s proposed policy changes which have influenced how SSA evaluates disability, particularly for individuals with intellectual disability (intellectual disorder). A discussion of those comments is also included in this book, including a reprint of the specific comments Dr. Finnerty provided to the public record which helped influence SSA’s mental listings changes. Dr. Finnerty is also author of Supplementing Your Income with Medical Records File Reviews and IME’s 2017: A Guide for Psychologists and Physicians.

If you would like to get a directory of 365+ referral sources for medical records file reviews and/or independent medical examinations (including from disability insurance companies), you can learn more about that at