Here is The Best State Psychological Association 2017 Final Results List!


Congratulations! The Best State Psychological Association in America for 2017 is: WYOMING!

Check out the Wyoming Psychological Association’s website now at will have a “Best State Psychological Association 2017” Plaque and a press release ready before their early May, 2017 conference. If you’re interested in visiting Wyoming it looks like they have a nice conference planned for early May.

Congrats also to my own state of Ohio for being the first runner up.

Want more details about this contest? Check out these past blog posts from 10/27/16 and the longer one from 2/27/2016.

The numbers below are a score calculated by taking the total membership (students and unlicensed people included) and viewing that as a percentage of psychologists licensed in the state. It isn’t a perfect measure, but it gives us a bad estimate of what percentage of psychologists are members of their state association but an okay estimate of how well each state is doing at recruiting and retaining members. How well is your state association doing at recruiting and retaining members compared to the other states? Here are the 2017 results:

  1. Wyoming (48.7394)
  2. Ohio* (47.7885)
  3. Pennsylvania (46.3089)
  4. Nevada (44.1860)
  5. Delaware (42.0650)
  6. Vermont (40.5092)
  7. Oregon (40)
  8. Maine (38)
  9. Iowa (36.0869)
  10. Arizona (35.6295)
  11. Utah (35.4362)
  12. Nebraska (35.0877)
  13. New Hampshire (33.7152)
  14. Georgia (33.1812)
  15. Texas (31.5902)
  16. Florida (28.8462)
  17. Rhode Island (25.2272)
  18. Arkansas (23.35)
  19. Massachusetts (19.9827)
  20. Minnesota (19.8947)
  21. California (19.4061)
  22. Minnesota (19)
  23. Washington (18.8096)
  24. Colorado (14.5584)
  25. South Dakota (12.8865)
  26. West Virginia (11.5873)
  27. Montana (last place*)

If your state isn’t on this list it is because I’m missing information; feel free to email me information for next year. This is also the same leader-board that I will use for next year. Can Wyoming repeat the win and maintain the title of THE BEST STATE PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION IN AMERICA? We shall see.

I should warn the State Associations high on this list that I may expand this to Canada and other North American locations next time and then they could be in for even more competition, for example here is an email I received: “While Nova Scotia is not part of the United States of America we are part of North America so thought I would share our statistics. Here in Nova Scotia we have an 80% rate of registered psychologists in our association. Many other Canadian provinces share similar ratings. Part of this has to do with partnerships our Canadian Psychological Association and an insurance company (BMS) has in place and the discounted rates members receive when purchasing insurance through this package (if they are members of their provincial association).”

Questions? email Todd Finnerty, Psy.D. at