Another round of applause for Wyoming, please

Your Best State Psychological Association in America for 2017


Congratulations again to the Wyoming Psychological Association for being named the Best State Psychological Association in America for 2017. They are of course the front-runner to win again next year. Could Wyoming establish a dynasty that they lord over every other psychological association or might some upstart psychological association decide to recruit heavily and take the prize for next year?

I wish I could have been at Wyoming’s Spring Conference and I would have been but I was already scheduled to be in Portland, Maine to present at a conference for a disability-insurance related company that I consult for.

Pictured here is the President of the Wyoming Psychological Association Dr. Bayuk with a plaque for 2017 describing Wyoming as the BEST State Psychological Association in America. If they win again I hope to be able to make it to their conference. Will you let them win again or would you like your association to have a plaque that says Best State Psychological Association in America? If so start working on getting psychologists in your state to join your association. You can see how you might be doing and get more details with this past blog post.

There are x number of licensed psychologists in your state. will take your membership totals (regardless of whether or not your members are licensed) and compare them to the number of psychologists licensed in your state. Whoever has the highest estimate of psychologists in their state who are members of their association is the winner. You can complain about the math I used but the same math applied to everyone– you can’t argue that they didn’t cross the finish line first. If you do a good job serving your members they will stay members and recruit others. Nice job serving your members Wyoming Psychological Association!