Hundreds of referral sources in your pocket, two-point-oh

A better, stronger, faster Reviews & IME's directory 2.0

Hundreds of referral sources in your pocket, two-point-oh
A better, stronger, faster Reviews & IME’s directory 2.0

Last year at this time I released a directory of referral sources– these were companies who would refer out medical records file reviews (chart reviews, peer reviews, etc.), independent medical examinations and/or employ health care professionals in non-clinical careers– and I promised to update it every year. Here is the first official update. Professionals who’ve subscribed to the weekly Reviews & IME’s mailing list or otherwise have been participating in the Reviews & IME’s community via our Facebook group (there is also a LinkedIn group but it isn’t very active) have actually done most of the work for me so I want to say THANK YOU to them. They tell me about referral sources that should be on the list and then they receive the entire updated list for free. If you know of any referral sources that should be on the list let me know and I’ll send you the updated list as well.

The directory includes hundreds of referral sources for records review work that health care professionals can do in their spare time and even from their home. There are also opportunities to perform independent evaluations (ex: IME’s). In addition, some companies will hire professionals directly for non-clinical work/consulting and not just send the occasional referral. There are lots of different types of opportunities such as consulting on disability insurance claims/workers comp, utilization review, etc.

The print versions of the directory are available on Amazon or directly from me at There is also a Kindle version on Amazon. In addition, you can buy an Excel spreadsheet with just the names of the companies and their websites from as well (this spreadsheet is emailed to you for free if you purchase the book directly from me).

I hope to update the list every year. I know for sure it will need an update next year because two professionals just sent me some new referral sources right after the directory went to print for 2018. They are on the Excel spreadsheet though. The referral source directory has grown from last year and keeps on growing. If you aren’t subscribed to my weekly e-mail newsletter for Reviews & IME’s you may want to check it out at

Thanks again,