APA’s Political Contributions (How your money was spent)

Your tolls at work

Here is an interesting open letter that psychologists should read about the political contributions of the American Psychological Association. I didn’t write it. You can find the full letter here: https://reidelson.medium.com/concerns-about-psychology-pac-and-the-american-psychological-association-16f12b3ea5e9

Here is a quick excerpt: “As you know, in an unprecedented effort to overturn last November’s presidential election, earlier this month 139 Republican members of the US House of Representatives and 8 members of the Senate refused to certify Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. By casting their “Nay” votes, these lawmakers chose to promote baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud—despite repeated court rulings that concluded otherwise. The same false accusations were also the impetus behind the violent insurrection that led a mob of pro-Trump supporters to storm the Capitol Building, endangering lives and destroying property.

Our incomplete and perhaps imperfect quick review of data from the Federal Election Commission website indicates that “Psychology PAC” of American Psychological Association Services Inc (APASI)—the companion organization of the American Psychological Association (APA)—made substantial contributions to the campaigns…” of some of these individuals. Are you interested in learning more? Check out the link I provided for the details.