Amusing BetterHelp Counselor Sign up Promotion Mailings for $250 or $500 sign-up bonus

Are you interested in providing online counseling via the BetterHelp platform? If you sign up with this link I’ll get a little a referral fee:

However, that isn’t what this quick post is about. My wife and I are both psychologists and were each licensed around the same time and live at the same address. Amusingly, we each got a solicitation in the mail to become counselors on BetterHelp with nearly identical postcards- except her postcard solicitation offered a bonus of $250 to join while mine offered a bonus of $500. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and not suggest that this was because she has a woman’s name, but it is clear that there is perhaps some sort of marketing test going on. If you get a postcard with a link for $250 and are interested in joining, you may consider trying the link for $500 instead since it may also work for you 😉

They are in the picture below (I of course covered up the home address with a green post it but you get the idea):