400+ referral sources for medical records reviews and/or IME work (some of which can be done from home) that psychologists, physicians and other healthcare professionals may be interested in

The best deal ever (FREE! or $9.99) for the third edition of this directory of referral sources for Reviews & IME's

The best deal that ever has been or ever will be on the referral source directory.

We all know I’ve been slacking when it comes to sending out these newsletters, so it is no surprise that I’ve also been slacking in terms of updating the third edition of the referral source directory.  It has not been updated. The new editions had previously come out at Thanksgiving in prior years back when the directory was growing exponentially. However, now the changes to the directory are mostly related to who bought who.

It has now been three years since I updated the directory and I haven’t been working on a new update during that time. I don’t have any plans as to when I will update the list again, though I would like to at some point. However, there have been changes over the last three years and so I don’t think the directory is worth as much now as it was three years ago due to that. So… until I update the directory with a fantasized about but not worked on new edition, I am now providing a discount option to get the third edition of the directory list.

I am not dropping the price of the print edition, but I have just added the Kindle version to Kindle Unlimited so Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it for free. Kindle Unlimited is $9.99 per month and there is a free 30 day trial so you can essentially read it for free if you do the free trial. You can also own it forever by purchasing the Kindle edition at $9.99 (that is also the same as the cost of one month of Kindle Unlimited in case you are comparing prices). Get hundreds of referral sources, including lots of work-from-home opportunities, for free or for just $9.99 depending on your choice.
The third edition of the referral source list is now available on Kindle Unlimited or for purchase for just $9.99
Get your list of 400+ referral sources now for FREE (or $9.99)
Remember, you can read Kindle books in the Free Kindle app or free online in a web browser. However, you can also get some fun Kindle devices to read it on if you don’t have one. I personally carry around a small Kindle Paperwhite with me as it slips in my coat pocket and is a bit more enjoyable than reading on my phone or other devices (though for things with color you’d want to use a different device).

However, for the referral source directory all you’d need is a web browser as the Kindle version includes links to the websites of the different companies that you can click on and go to. This is the best deal that ever has been or ever will be on the referral source directory.
Full disclosure: if you click on a link to Amazon in the blog post, I will receive a small percentage of the sale. Thank you.