Rising Tide Drowns Iowa Psychological Association #PSYPACT

Iowa Psychological Association opposed PSYPACT

Iowa, April 1, 2023: A rising tide failed to lift all boats as expected today when the Des Moines River and Mississippi rivers converged, drowning the offices of the Iowa Psychological Association.

We opposed PSYPACT* and yet we were drowned anyway,” commented the official spokesperson of the Iowa Psychological Association [ex: source 1; source 2]. The spokesperson went on to say that “Iowa psychologists should be satisfied with our RxP efforts and not rely on us to support their desires to open up a psychotherapy market for them of being able to perform telehealth services to more than half the states in the country. We don’t do psychotherapy in Iowa anymore or any of those weird niche specialty services like psychological evaluations.” Why should they want to have access to this huge market that they could see working from home in their sweatpants?

Apparently, in the process of opposing PSYPACT, the Iowa Psychological Association was so intent on petty thoughts of competition that they failed to see the bigger picture related to rising tides lifting all boats. Who would have expected an abundance mentality or blue ocean thinking from the Iowa Psychological Association anyway, so far away from any ocean? Meanwhile, PSYPACT could have been the boat to help lift many of the members of the Iowa Psychological Association up today as two rivers converged to drown them. All the Iowa Psychological Association has done by opposing PSYPACT is to make it harder for their members to lift their own boats and pursue a blue ocean strategy (while also failing to help Iowans be able to seek mental health specialty care from around the country from their own living rooms).

What a shame that the offices of the Iowa Psychological Association needed to be washed away in this rising tide.

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Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

Learn more about PSYPACT here.

P.S. while the Iowa Psychological Association was the first, it won’t be the last state psychological association to get called out here if they oppose PSYPACT.