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Give a referral source (and get 70+)

There is a preorder offer on our website for a new publication coming out at Thanksgiving called The Psychologists’ Almanac. The $89.95 preorder deal lets you get the almanac in November for $10 off the cover price plus early access to a PDF we email to you with over 70+ specific referral sources for psychologists. The list includes medical records/ file review consulting opportunities that you can do from home in your spare time (why have a private practice on the side when you can moonlight from your employer in an armchair at home?).  I was fortunate enough to be able to make over $120,000 this year total with more than half of that sum coming from work I did while sitting in an armchair at home.

I believe the referral list alone is worth the $99.95 cover price for the entire Almanac. However, if you tell us about a statewide, regional or national company that refers to psychologists or psychiatrists that we use in the almanac and don’t already have (email your tips to we’ll send you our huge list of over 70+ specific referral sources for psychologists and psychiatrists for free (many of the companies on the list are also useful for other types of physicians as well).

I don’t do many “selfies” but here is a recent selfie of me in the home office recliner:



…and here is a look at the outline of The Psychologists’ Almanac started on the wall of the home office: