Helping Fools Who Fell in Love

Evidence-Based Couple Therapy for Valentines Day

Why do fools fall in love? Who knows, but it is clear that life would have a lot less meaning if it weren’t for our relationships. With that in mind, couple therapists can play an important role in peoples’ lives. Our relationships are an incredibly important piece of the puzzle when it comes to the meaning of life. However, performing couple therapy isn’t like doing individual psychotherapy on two people at once. The good news is you can learn about some meaningful approaches with these YouTube videos below:

If you are interested in Couple Therapy you may be interested in listening to a podcast I recorded with one of the founders of Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (a third wave CBT approach to couple therapy), Dr. Andrew Christensen. You can listen to that for free on YouTube.

We also recorded a 6 hour presentation that took place here in Columbus, OH a few years ago from couple expert Nathan Tomcik, Ph.D.; you can purchase the video and watch it online on our site. However, there are also some free samples available on YouTube of the presentation as well that you can watch without purchasing the continuing education course.

Thanks, and have a sweet, sweet Valentine’s Day!