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Preparing for potential ICD-10-CM updates 10/1/2016

The following post is in relation to potential changes to ICD-10-CM for 10/1/2016 and note related to any DSM-5 coding updates your printed version of the DSM-5 may need (see http://www.dsm5.org/ for more on potential coding “updates” / corrections).

We won’t officially know until August, 2016, but we pretty much know at this point that some ICD-10-CM codes will be changing for fiscal year 2017. That basically means some new and changed ICD-10-CM codes for 10/1/2016.

These aren’t official yet and don’t use these codes (at least until after 10/1/16), but here is an unofficial idea of what will be coming for 10/1/16 (fiscal year 2017) from the mental health perspective.

These are the FY2017 New Released ICD-10-CM-Codes from the CDC’s website. You can download a file with the list of likely changes here: ftp://ftp.cdc.gov/pub/Health_Statistics/NCHS/Publications/ICD10CM/2017/NewICD10CMCodes_FY2017.txt

This year there aren’t going to be that many proposed changes to the ICD-10-CM codes for psychologists to deal with, but they could cause some headaches if you don’t pay attention. For the disorders beginning with F, here are the likely changes:

Pay attention to whether you should be penning something into your DSM-5 (Add) versus whether you are scribbling something out of your copy of the DSM-5 (Delete):

F328 Delete Other depressive episodes (see pg. 183 of your DSM-5)
F3281 Add Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (see pg. 171 of your DSM-5)
F3289 Add Other specified depressive episodes (not currently in your DSM-5)
F348 Delete Other persistent mood [affective] disorders (see pg. 156 in your DSM-5)
F3481 Add Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (also see pg. 156 in your DSM-5— DMDD has a new ICD-10-CM code)
F3489 Add Other specified persistent mood disorders (the code is not in your DSM-5/add where you like)
F422 Add Mixed obsessional thoughts and acts
F423 Add Hoarding disorder (pg 247)
F424 Add Excoriation (skin-picking) disorder (see pg. 254)
F428 Add Other obsessive compulsive disorder (pg. 263-264)
F429 Add “Obsessive-compulsive disorder, unspecified” (pg. 263-264)
F508 Delete Other eating disorders (see pg. 350; 353)
F5081 Add Binge eating disorder (pg. 350)
F5089 Add Other specified eating disorder (pg. 353-354)
F640 Add Transsexualism (code not in your DSM-5)
F641 Revise from Gender identity disorder in adolescence and adulthood (pg. 452)
F641 Revise to Dual role transvestism (pg. 452)
F8082 Add Social pragmatic communication disorder (see pg. 47)

This is just an early look and you don’t need to worry about this until 10/1/2016; I’ll have a more detailed update for you by then.

Thanks and check this out if you want to see all the ICD-10-CM codes relevant to psychologists.

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