Internship and psychologist shortages continue

APPIC internship match 2018

The accredited psychology internship shortage and the psychologist shortage continue

It is yet another APPIC match day. Remember the key point when looking at APPIC Match Statistics that demand for pre-doctoral psychology interns is not the same thing as demand for psychologists.

APPIC’s 2018 internship match shows that there is still a shortage of the accredited internships that our trainees need in order to become psychologists.

Unfortunately, our country also still has a shortage of psychologists and a large unmet need for psychological services.

For example, the VA is our largest single employer. Despite being our largest employer, psychologists continue to be one of the top critical needs at the VA (behind only medical officers and nurses) with the psychologist shortage at the VA (and elsewhere) continuing:

Remember, you can now work at the VA without an APA-accredited internship if you obtain ABPP. I know this isn’t perfect. However, it is something.

I wish the best of luck to everyone still looking for an internship site today and I hope that you find one; rest assured, this country needs you.