A curated list of the #Psychology related #books about to be published from now until early next year

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to read Psychology.news. I assume that means you might be interested in psychology-related books. I’ve just combed through a database of upcoming books listed in the BISAC subject category “psychology.”

I’ve created a curated list for you of the Psychology-related books that are about to be published from now until early next year. I will keep adding to the list over time so you can see all the new books coming out that you may be interested in from different publishers in one place. You can find that list of books for free on this new Book Groupers website. Right now it is a bare-bones list organized by publication date but the information is useful. In addition to when you can expect the books, the website also has the book title, the author(s) and a picture of the book cover. If you click on the book cover it will take you to more information about that specific book.

You can also sign up for a new email newsletter that will send you curated, subject-specific alerts about soon-to-be published books in the areas that you say you’re interested in. The Psychology list is of course the first one to launch.

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Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

P.S. remember to check out the list of psychology-related books that are coming out now through the next few months.