New #Psychology #Books Coming This Week (7/15/2018 to 7/22/2018)

New Psychology-related books this week for you

7/15/18 to 7/22/18

Here is a curated list of Psychology-related books that have publication dates between 7/1/18 to 7/15/18 (some of the dates may have been placed in the database inaccurately by the publisher- in instances where Amazon gave a different date I put that in parentheses). If you click on the book cover you’ll be taken to the book description on Amazon (note: if you purchase through the link I will earn an advertising fee to help offset the cost of the blog). You can see a list of all the psychology books coming out so far by going here to the Book Groupers page. You can also subscribe to email notifications there to get notified about new books in your areas of interest that are coming soon.


Implementing Therapeutic Residential Care with Children and Adolescents: Translating Research into Practice 2nd Edition by Joseph Anglin

The Psychology of Love and Hate in Intimate Relationships Contributor(s): Aumer, Katherine (Editor)

Psychodynamics Commencing in Early Childhood: The Case for an Additional Tripartite Complex ( Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Assessment in the Twenty-Fir )
Contributor(s): Osman, Marvin P (Author)

Psychodynamic Counselling in a Nutshell (Third (Updated Edition)) ( Counselling in a Nutshell ) (3RD ed.)
Contributor(s): Howard, Susan (Author)

Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy: Uniting Faith and Professional Practice ( Spirituality and Mental Health #3 )
Contributor(s): York Al-Karam, Carrie (Editor)

Freud’s Papers on Technique and Contemporary Clinical Practice
Contributor(s): Friedman, Lawrence (Author)

School Counselors as Practitioners: Building on Theory, Standards, and Experience for Optimal Performance
Contributor(s): Wines, Lisa A (Editor), Nelson, Judy A (Editor)

The Bronfenbrenner Primer: A Guide to Develecology
Contributor(s): Shelton, Lawrence (Author)

Food Refusal and Avoidant Eating in Children, Including Those with Autism Spectrum Conditions: A Practical Guide for Parents and Professionals
Contributor(s): Harris, Gillian (Author), Shea, Elizabeth (Author)

Tales from the Music Therapy Room: Creative Connections
Contributor(s): Molyneux, Claire (Editor), Hoskyns, Sarah (Foreword by), Talmage, Alison (Contribution by), Castelino, Ajay (Contribution by), Ayson, Carolyn (Contribution by), Fletcher, Heather (Contribution by), Johns, Libby (Contribution by), Willis, Marie (Contribution by), Hodgson, Nolan (Contribution by), Hicks, Roger (Contribution by), Storie, Shari (Contribution by)

Fundamental Movement Skill Acquisition for Children and Adults with Autism: A Practical Guide to Teaching and Assessing Individuals on the Spectrum
Contributor(s): Crawford, Susan (Author)

Zen Insight, Psychoanalytic Action: Two Arrows Meeting
Contributor(s): Cooper, Seiso Paul (Author)