Care Cartography: Mapping Serpents and Psychologists

Here there be Monsters

I promised you a follow up to the follow up, so here it is:

The American Psychological Association’s (APA) Center for Workforce Studies has put more details online about their 2015 County-Level Analysis of U.S. Licensed Psychologists and Health Indicators. You may have seen the map which appeared in the March 2016 APA Monitor here and which of course incited me to post not once, but twice.

The blog posts, in case you missed them or want to refresh your memory, were:

2/25/16’s There are too many Psychologists in the Desert and 2/26/16’s post follow up Finding a Psychologist in the Middle of the Desert

It is nice to see that APA’s Center for Workforce Studies chose not to use the “Very high concentration” labels or the loaded color of RED for the hotspot map that they used on the website report. So I have to go ahead and give them a thanks for that.

It was interesting to note where the psychologists are (and aren’t even compared apparently to Death Valley and Yellowstone National Park). The reports notes “Of the 734 counties that were entirely rural in the nation, 2.4 percent had 1-4 licensed psychologists, 4.0 percent had five or more licensed psychologists, and the remaining 93.6 percent of counties had no records of licensed psychologists.”


Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

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